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What is Computerized Restoration?
Albert's Photo Studio utilizes the latest computer technology to digitally enhance your precious family photographs or restore them to their near original Black & White or Color state.

What Can Be Done to A Photograph?
We can enhance contrast, sharpen the whole photograph, or selected areas, lighten or darken selected or whole areas, erase several small surface abrasions, small stains or writing. We can even regenerate areas that are missing.
At Albert's Photo Studio we can do complex restorations that may require erasing of large surface abrasions such as a major cut, scrape, tear, or wrinkle. We can correct strong discolorations and clean off areas of dirt, mold, mildew, soot, etc. We can also replace the background of a picture with a new one, or cut someone in/add someone to a photograph. We also do "gag" shots, just use your imagination to create fun photographs of your family and friends. Black and White photographs can be selectivly colorized, and anything not listed here can be customized to fit your needs. Photographs that are exceptionally faded, damaged, or blurry may not be able to be restored to their original condition. Please feel free to stop by with your photographs for a free estimate.

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